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remote pilot holding DJI Inspire controller

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Welcome to UAV Mentor’s knowledge base! Our team will upload to this page every guide, resource, and post that we feel can benefit the drone community. The guidance we provide comes directly from our real world operations and interactions. We are always in the air! Over time this knowledge base will grow, and include a wide variety of resources for pilots of all backgrounds.

We believe anyone can become a great drone pilot, all it takes is the will to learn! For those who are willing to learn, we’ve got ample resources to provide. We would be honored to mentor you as we seek to fulfill our mission of Training The Next Generation Of Pilots®


Drone RE Photo Tips

3 LESSONS FROM OUR LAST RE SHOOT Drone real estate photography is usually one of the first places new pilots go to develop skills and earn money in the process! We believe it's a great route, but of course we're biased... 2 of our mentors (George & Tabitha) began filming real estate with drones commercially over 5 years ago, it's where we got our start!  [...]

Zenmuse X5s VS. X7

What Lens Should I Get For The DJI Inspire 2? Zenmuse X5s or Zenmuse X7? 5 Min. Read* BATTLE OF THE DRONE CINEMA LENSES In this week's post we'll break down the pros and cons of DJI's Inspire 2 Cinema Lenses, the Zenmuse X5s and Zenmuse X7! DJI made 5k quality footage available to consumers in 2016 with the release of the Zenmuse [...]