What Drives Us

Our family has deep ties in aviation, dating back to its modern origins. We take pride in this! William Henry Femmer (my father) was a fighter pilot in the second world war. From a young age I’ve sought to partake in this tradition. I’ve run business practices tied to aviation for over 20 years now, and am currently in the process of earning my first manned pilot’s license.

Just as I looked up to my father’s path in aviation, I noticed a keen interest from my own children. However, their interest didn’t express itself through manned aviation, rather my children were more interested in the drones I was beginning to incorporate into my practices at the time! It dawned on me that aviation has been in a steady state of adaptation and evolution for some time now, and the drone industry is the next evolution to come.

This next evolution of aviation is bringing along with it a new generation of pilots of all ages and backgrounds. Drones are so versatile in their applications, and I’ve been fortunate enough to see this technology enhance and help to complement industries (for the better). Our family has been devoted to exploring this new field even before the creation of the Part 107 method which most are familiar with today.

My wife Tabitha received the first 333 exemption to be granted to a female owned photography company in the nation. I have been fortunate enough to pioneer new practices with drones far across the data acquisition landscape. My son has paved a path for himself through this industry as a recent graduate of LSU through coaching and mentoring others to attain the skills he’s developed. From these individual experiences, we’ve seen clearly that the opportunities in this industry are available to any and all who have the desire to learn.

And we’ve found that many have the desire to learn! This is what drives us. We gain great joy and satisfaction from helping others find new ways to enhance their lives with this drone technology. I am happy to endorse George Femmer on his sole purpose of Training The Next Generation Of PilotsĀ®

– Carlos Femmer


George Femmer

Senior Instructor

George Femmer is our senior instructor. He has been a certified pilot for nearly 4 years now, and has flown hundreds of projects across the real estate, survey, and inspection industries. This has given him extensive experience in drone cinematography and media collection. Through our courses, blogs, webinars, and additional resources, he looks forward to sharing his expertise with you!

Carlos Femmer

Carlos Femmer brings to this team 20 years of aviation and survey experience. He has managed teams that have collected tens of thousands of miles of railroads, pipelines, and transmission lines across the U.S.

Tabitha Femmer

Tabitha Femmer has been involved in drones nearly from their inception into the National Airspace System. Before the Part 107 became available, she received the first 333 exemption granted to any female owned photography company in the nation! She’s here to share her extensive knowledge of the waiver process, and knowledge gained from 10+ years in the real estate media industry.