Training The Next Generation Of Pilots ®

Earn Your Wings!

The Difference A Mentor Makes

Many courses are available to train pilots in various drone industries. The thing that can’t be found as easily is a course that develops a strong relationship between students and mentors that persists beyond course completion. We believe that everyone needs a mentor! Someone to guide them, and answer the questions they can’t. Our courses have been created by industry leaders in knowledge and flight experience, to thoroughly prepare our students for real world ops.

Although our students are trained for everything that can be expected, new problems will surface requiring new approaches and solutions. Our team is available at all times to provide the tools and resources our students will need to overcome these challenges.


Collectively our team possesses thousands of hours in flight time, miles mapped, and projects completed. We’ve taken our experience and through an innovative approach to learning, molded it into a blueprint that all can learn from.


We aim to give a new generation of pilots the tools necessary to receive their certification, and succeed to the highest degree. Just like any mentor awaits the request for aid from their students, we will be ready to provide all the resources and guidance needed to achieve success in this ever evolving industry.

We take into account the fact that everyone learns at a different rates and using different methods. Each course has been reviewed and tested repeatedly to ensure optimal learning and retention.

Our promise is to prepare you as best as we can for anything that may come your way. Not just book or exam knowledge, but the practical guidance that will be needed to succeed in the real world.